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"Part of the reason she’s willing to do that is because she’s falling in love and she has something to live for. She has someone to try to build a future with." - Stana Katic (x)

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"She would have loved to have been a part of all of this."

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"Beckett, I promise you. There is a perfect date for our perfect wedding, and we’ll find it."

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"That’s no blizzard… That’s my sister!"

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Andrew Marlowe: Castle and Beckett end up being accidental nannies. If I’m the fan and I’ve been watching this show, I know a lot about Rick and Kate, but I don’t really know how they feel about more kids. Does Castle want more? And for Beckett, somebody who has been pursuing her career and her job so doggedly, I’m sure it’s crossed her mind theoretically - ‘Oh, sure. I’ll have kids someday.’ - but someday’s coming up.  We get to see Castle and Beckett playing house and taking a big step forward in their relationship.

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At least we have each other